FugitiveInkStudio.com http://www.FugitiveInkStudio.com/news.php News from FugitiveInkStudio.com en-us FugitiveInkStudio.com http://www.FugitiveInkStudio.com/images/rss.png http://www.FugitiveInkStudio.com/news.php 144 144 09.30.22 - New comic! http://www.FugitiveInkStudio.com/cartoons/FICU/Secondary/01/index.php Page one of “Test Case Scenario” is out now! Secondary has some unexpected help investigating one of Cat's safe houses. 09.16.22 - Anthem #1 now available in print! http://www.FugitiveInkStudio.com/books Anthem #1 is now available in print! You can find it along with BRYN and Otar & Odvar #1 on my new Print Editions page. 09.09.22 - Anthem #1, page 8 http://www.FugitiveInkStudio.com/cartoons/FICU/Anthem/01/index.php The final page of "This is Anthem" from Anthem #1 is up! I have a new comic featuring Secondary in the works, but I don't think it will be ready for next Friday. Stay tuned for that and info on how you can get a print copy of Anthem #1! 09.02.22 - Anthem #1, page 7 http://www.FugitiveInkStudio.com/cartoons/FICU/Anthem/01/index.php Page seven of Anthem #1 is up! 08.26.22 - Anthem #1, page 6 http://www.FugitiveInkStudio.com/cartoons/FICU/Anthem/01/index.php Page six of Anthem #1 is up! 08.18.22 - Anthem #1, page 5 http://www.FugitiveInkStudio.com/cartoons/FICU/Anthem/01/index.php I'm posting page five of Anthem #1 a day early this week, seeing as I'll be busy with CouleeCon tomorrow! 08.12.22 - Anthem #1, page 4 http://www.FugitiveInkStudio.com/cartoons/FICU/Anthem/01/index.php Page four of Anthem #1 is up! 08.05.22 - Anthem #1, page 3 http://www.FugitiveInkStudio.com/cartoons/FICU/Anthem/01/index.php Page three of Anthem #1 is up! 07.29.22 - Anthem #1, page 2 http://www.FugitiveInkStudio.com/cartoons/FICU/Anthem/01/index.php Page two of Anthem #1 is up! 07.22.22 - New Anthem Comic Begins! http://www.FugitiveInkStudio.com/cartoons/FICU/Anthem/01/index.php The next chapter in the Fugitive Ink Comic Universe begins today! Anthem #1! I'll be releasing a new page every Friday until this eight page comic is done!