Outside the Box

Cartoonist's Notes

For Outside the Box, I included some multi-panel cartoons. Some of these cartoons are from a comic strip I had previously developed. I reworked them a bit, but was able to save some time and got to use some ideas I liked.

You might notice that Outside the Box picks up with the boys in the goggles where Been Winter left off. Now that the books are in one volume it's more obvious. This wasn't planned when I drew Been Winter, but during the making of Outside the Box, my editor suggested having the books link. Outside the Box and Stir Faster Please also connect like this.

Trying to stick with the theme of the title, I also made some "un-boxed" panels. It ended up that the fishbowl cartoons work fairly well this way.

This book is the same as originally printed, with the exception of one cartoon I thought needed a different caption.

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