A Day in the Life of Sophie Brice, A.K.A. Anthem

An Hourly Comic Day comic

A Day in the Life of Sophie Brice, A.K.A. Anthem
This comic was drawn on February 1, 2020 for Hourly Comic Day. Hourly Comic Day is a yearly event, and the idea is to draw a comic every hour you are awake that day. Most people do journal comics for it. Some draw them as they go, some draw a bunch all at once. There don't seem to be really hard and fast rules.

I decided to do one large panel an hour, and use it as a chance to develop Sophie Brice, a character from BRYN. These were drawn over approximately fifteen hours, released roughly every hour. It was a fun challenge, and I don't plan on waiting for 2021 to do it again.

Part of the Fugitive Ink Comic Universe.

Now available in print! Part of Anthem #1! Click to find out more!
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