The Big LABS Announcement

Ok, well, technically thereís two announcements. But theyíre related.

First off, LABS is entering its third year. Itís hard to believe Iíve been drawing LABS for this long, but calendars seldom lie. (And when they do, they always fail the polygraph.)

Wait, thatís an announcement too. So does that make three announcements?


So the real first announcement is that Iím going to start producing LABS twice a week. Instead of just updating on Saturdays, Iíll be increasing to Wednesdays and Saturdays.

Why? I think one of the best things a comic strip can do is have stories that span multiple strips. But doing a weekly strip means stories are very spread out. So any sort of long story begins to feel like youíre staying on one subject for far too long in real world time. Doubling the frequency will allow me more freedom in storytelling, and make LABS a better strip. But it also will require a greater investment of time, work and expenses.

Which leads me to the second announcement... er, third... um... ok, the last one.

Iíve been considering upgrading LABS to a twice-a-week strip for quite a while. But I need funding to help make that happen. So Iíve decided to use a third-party crowdfunding platform called PodPledge. PodPledge is a site that allows you to give a one time or recurring pledge to help me produce LABS. (The link is at the bottom of this page.)

Instead of making twice-a-week LABS a stretch goal that only happens at a certain funding level, Iím going to go ahead and start producing LABS twice a week right now. Your funding will help me be able to keep bringing you LABS.

LABS is still free to read and thereís no plans to change that. And I hope everyone will read it, regardless of if they pledge or not.

Thanks for reading this and thank you for supporting LABS!

Aaron Uglum
January 2018

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